Bev’s birthday weekend!

This last weekend my cousins and I celebrated our 65th birthday at Eagle Crest Lodge. My birthday present from my husband was to have a chef for the weekend and so began a food-a-topia, farm to table dining experience with “Me and K’s”. With every meal we were pampered from Friday night dinner through Sunday “packed for our trip home” lunches.

All 12 of us (2 yrs. to 67 yrs.) rode the Virgina Creeper Trail- even at our “advanced” age the Birthday Crew had fun. In spite of a few biking bobbles we still can all ride bikes and loved every second of our trek down from Mt Rogers to Damascus, VA. Devouring our “Mr and K’s”  packed lunch at the 1/2 way point of Taylor, VA so we could keep up the downward pace, was a delectable treat!!!

We had considered a night at the Barter Theater, which sounded fabulous- but when it came down to it- just sitting around the outdoor fire pit and reminiscing what we had coveted. Those family memories spoken and laughed over again and again will forever be in our hearts.

After a quick trip to the Olive Oil Co on Main Street Abingdon, we all parted with a promise to get together before the our next 5 year milestone- 70 just seems too old and too long to wait to have this much fun!!!!


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  1. Faye Williams
    10 years ago

    Yes, Bev, Larry and I had a wonderful time. In fact I would say it was one of the highlights of my life. What a wonderful place to gather for family/friends. So spacious and modern yet a feel of yesteryear. The ride down the Creeper Trail was awesome, talking at night around the fire pit, riding down the river on the pontoon boat, eating the wonderful food prepared by Me & K all and of course just the company of my wonderful family. Thank you for such a wonderful stay and for your love.


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